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Negima Manga To End

Well, it's official. The never-ending manga from Ken Akamatsu is finally ending, and according to a report by ANN, the Weekly Shonen Magazine announced that the manga series was coming to a close after just three more chapters.

Akamatsu is reported to be taking a two issue hiatus to prepare for the final chapters so the series will resume in the 13th issue, and conclude after that.

I for one am ready to do cartwheels upon hearing this news. I think aside from Oda, Akamatsu is the only other mangaka that has all but lost his mind with taking his own franchise to the moon and back. I agree it breaks all sorts of molds and manages to present a lot of content, but the ending result of Negima, is nothing like what it started out as, and the series has gone so long, with so many turns and twists, and arcs that last massively long periods of time, I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it.

I give Akamatsu credit for being able to give a harem comedy such a last-ability, but I remove some of those credits for confounding me too many times.

Either way, I will no doubt be listening to the anime nerds as they cry themselves to sleep at night for the next several months. But oh well, this too must pass.