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News and Stuff: 001 - Apps, Twilight, Arrietty and Magica

Okay, so I'm gonna try to make some summaries of a few things that I came across this morning while looking for something interesting to post about, and there are a couple of things that don't deserve to have a whole post made about them, but they do probably deserve to have a mention, so I'm creating this News and Stuff section to lump sum some of the bits and pieces of things that I think you might want to know about.

First up, is the new FUNimation App that I've been hearing about, and while I know this isn't anything new for those of us that have a smartphone, or a tablet, this is just one more way that the folks at FUNi are milking their property a little more at a time.

I'm sure we are all familiar with the Crunchyroll app by now; and if you aren't then maybe you should read more of the internet. But like me, that has portable devices, mobile apps, and all that nice cool stuff, I am one of those people that fins it really bothersome to try and watch an episode of anime, or a show on my phone or tablet. Granted the tablet is easier to see, but mine is wi-fi only, and I'm not really sure I want to take a drive to McDonald's just to watch an episode of Devil May Cry.

It hasn't even been announced what platforms the new app is going to available for, and while I have no doubt, you iPhone bastards will get first dibs, I'm less inclined to have yet another app to junk up my mobile storage that I'll use once, say, "Oh that was cute." and never use it again.

~ ~ ~

It's official, the young girls of the world are frakked in the head. I have no idea why in the name of Bram Stoker's butt-hole, we'd have not only a series of craptastic novels that falsely depict vampires, but then go so far as to make it into a graphic novel. It just irks me.

For one, I will slap the living hell out of anyone that even dares to call this ilk manga, I swear I will. This is not manga. It's garbage, and the whole idea of having this piece of rubbish sit along side the greats of manga makes me want to puke.

I'm fine if you want to have a picture-book of Edward and Bella playing out a fantasy of bizarre undead love, but please for the love of Anne Rice... do it where it belongs.

Of course now that I've said that, Amazon has begun listing the sequel New Moon graphic novel series on the site, and I'm sure at least in their warehouse it isn't pretentiously sitting side by side with actual real manga, but is in a box of foam, waiting of an eager girl to order it, so she can imagine herself as the idiotic Bella. What really pisses me off, is that both volumes of the Twilight graphic novel went #1... number frakkin' ONE! I thought we were finally winding down on this garbage people... seriously.

Anyway... go, buy it... read it, and then choke on it.

~ ~ ~

Have you gone and seen The Borrower Arrietty yet? If not, then you better go find a theater near you that is showing it. According to the list, there were 1522 theaters that were going to show the Ghibli film, and already the film has become the 8th most successful anime film in the US ever released on the big screen.

The bad news is that while this is a great film, it has also been given a Hollywood dub, and with that all the subtle nuance changes that go along with it. not that it's bad for a film to be adapted for its intended regional viewing, but I for one am still having major fits over the idea that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett were cast in the English dub; which means that because I hate Poehler with a passion, I'll be dropping the dub, and the frakked up English title, for the original Japanese version, and the original, better sounding title.

Anyway, it's a great film, and despite the little irritations with my own personal preferences, I highly recommend it, and suggest it for you and your whole family.

~ ~ ~

You are probably going to think that I'm crazy, but just look at the picture and you'll see I'm not. I saved the best of this farce crap for last.

What you are looking at is of course, a Magica Madoka Mercedes Benz, that was actually offered for test drives at the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo. Straight up.

I love anime cars, and I would like to have something one day with an anime theme, but for the love of the anime gods, enough Madoka already! Every five minutes it's Madoka this, or Madoka that... I actually sort of want to scream every time I have to even write the name Madoka, and I've written it what a half dozen times already? That's a mental breakdown just waiting to happen.

Anyway, cool idea, bad choice of graphics, and yes, those are environmentally friendly Electric Cars, so all you tree hugging environmentalists (pussies), can sleep safer at night knowing that I'm just going out to buy disposable crap from the store, to just throw away after I use it once.

And that's all the time I have for today's report, and commentary.