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Sentai Licenses K-On!! (Season 2) and OVA

Oh now I know that you are all excited about this, and to be honest, so am I.

I figured that with the recent death of Bandai, that the future of any more K-On in North America was more or less bye-bye, but that is not the case.

Sentai Filmworks has announced that they have acquired the license for the complete second season, and the OVA.

What's even better than that, is that we will finally be getting a blu-ray release as well, and to put that proverbial cherry on top; Sentai is working with Bang Zoom on the dub.

So yeah, with any luck, you guys will get your cake—assuming that Yui doesn't eat it—and you'll have your frosting.

The complete set is scheduled for later this year, no date given just yet.