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Strike Witches Movie: Official Trailer

More goodness comes our way as we finally get to see some film footage for the new Strike Witches Movie that is scheduled to air this March 17th.

The rumor mill, and the fan-gossip columns are working overtime to generate their buzz on the new character Shizuka Hattori in the upcoming motion picture.

I myself am wondering how if and when we North American fans will get our hands on this, and whether or not the folks at FUNimation will scramble up a greasy wall to dry-hump the license (and then not do anything with it for about two or three years), and make an announcement.

My experience, is typically that, if a license were in the works for this film, it would have been jumped at already... so this one may be either a late catch, or not at all.

Anyway, to see the trailer, just click the thingy below.