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WO Examines: Another

Every season there are several shows that for one reason or another, simply do not make the cut, and hard as I try to keep up with numerous shows, it's just impossible to make time in my work week, or other anime viewing to follow along after more than three or four running shows per season, and considering the selection of really good shows this time around, the competition was going to be fierce for my beloved time slots.

When I started hearing about this show some time back I was eager and expectant, as well as a bit apprehensive. I mean, I like a good supernatural thriller, but there were lines that I wasn't sure that I as a fan of the horror genre wanted to cross anymore in my fandom. Shows like Higurashi and Claymore, and even Shiki were some of the shows that left a real taste of blood in my mouth, and not in a really good and entertaining way either.

But there has always been things about a good mystery thriller that has drawn me in, and one of the things that I hoped would happen with Another.

Luckily, after just one episode of Another, I was instantly hooked, and it quickly became the top tier of the shows I was going to follow this season as they're aired.

The plot of Another isn't all that complicated to start off with, and slowly gains its momentum as the show progresses, which is a good thing. I mean, we certainly wouldn't want a bunch of thrills and chills and spills within the first fifteen minutes now would we?

The story revolves around a now somewhat famous story in the town of Yomiyama, and the death of a middle school student from class 3-3 in 1972. According to the story, the girl died in an accident, and was later seen by a student in her class, and then eventually the teachers and faculty began behaving as if she were there, going so far as to set out a chair for her at the class graduation.

26 years later in 1998, the same class has now become the focal point of what seems to be a recurring curse, and by happenstance, Koichi Sakakibara transfers into the class admits a ton of whispers, rumors, and the growing story of the girl who died.

While going to the school, Koichi meets a girl named Mei, a strangely quiet and aloof classmate that wears a patch over her left eye, and seems to the audience to fit every description of either a ghost or a bringer of serious shit.

Now I have to make this clear right away. One thing this show has plenty of, is time. It takes its time building up the suspense, and it takes its time developing the story, in fact this is probably one of the best stories I've seen in an anime in a long time, simply for the way it is delivered.

Additionally, there isn't much in the way of out-right gore or violence in the first several episodes. In fact there isn't even really a death until somewhere around the 4th episode mark, and when it happens, you will be stunned, you will be disturbed, and you'll be glad for the use of dark lighting and shadows.

If you're only interested in this show for the guro aspect, so you can whack-off to people getting butchered, then sit the hell down, and find something else to do with your life. But if you are interested in seeing a new type of murder mystery, a thriller, a horror story dancing hand in hand with the unexplained, then grab some popcorn and gather round the TV set.

So far, as of this article, there has been 7 episodes aired, and I'm almost caught up to the broadcast. I'm hoping that the series maintains its fantastic sense of direction, and that it doesn't have too many gruesome deaths. I'm less about that these days. But anything is better than the children of Hinamizawa constantly going at it like a bunch of fucking loons. Seriously.

I recommend this series to anyone that loves a good mystery thriller, or a good classic horror story. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go find a pony figurine to huddle in the corner with, because I think Hey! Answerman's Brian Hanson, just found some of the stuff I wrote about him on the bathroom stall.