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WO Reviews: Koihime Muso

No one ever said that saving the world with moe characters and cuteness were going to be easy. And for those of you that are uninterested in a frilly adorable moe version of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, then you should pass this on by. But for those of you that want a reinterpretation of the classic tale, then step right up, and meet your beautiful dynasty warriors!

First of all, the anime adaption of Koihime Muso is very different from its original visual novel foundations, and though each form uses the same characters, their story and adventures branch off greatly when seen separately.

The Anime though is what I want to talk about, and though I'm sure there are many fans of the more adult oriented visual novel, the anime seems to hit a better vein of entertainment for pushing humor and adventure in a style that is reminiscent of the older anime shows we cut our otaku teeth on.

One of the best things to remember about Koihime Muso early on, is that it is simply a show about girls. Straight up. I'm not going to sugar coat this for you, I'm not going to leave you with some strange misconceptions; this is a show about all kinds of girls, in every shape and size, and fashion of garment, or lack there-of.

What makes this an interesting watch right away, is that underneath all the boob flashing, and the innuendo, and the girl on girl groping that occasionally happens, this is a show that has a lot of heart, and thought put into it.

For those of you that are familiar with My Otome, you'll understand what I'm talking about; but take note that this show is less serious, and focuses many times on the comedy aspect of a moment, and scene to sweep the viewer along for what seems to be a random series of rides and adventures.

Characters are abundant in this show. I mean, I almost have to keep a fan-page open on the computer to keep track of who's who, and even then, the fact that most every character in the show has a formal name, and a nickname, gets insane after a while.

Now don't let the fact that a show featuring a crap ton of leading ladies upset you any, because there are some men that make appearances, though make no mistake, this is a story about traveling female warriors, and their cause for justice. I mean, what better cause is there, right?

The story (anime at least) revolves around the primary character of Kanu, a reputable traveling warrior known by her beautiful black hair and attractiveness, and a running joke through the season, is that at least the rumors about the hair were correct.

Kanu is on a mission to go into the world and protect the weak, and ensure that tragedies in her past, do not happen to others, and while traveling the world, she meets Chohi, and the two of them form a bond of sisterhood, thus together they go on a series of adventures and mishaps that have many more girls coming in and out of their life, and their quests.

For the most part, the adventures are very episode by episode, and don't really begin to congeal together until the last few episodes of the first season, but by this point, is is clear who the main characters are, and how they all find themselves together in a volunteer army defending a small town.

Each of the characters has a distinctive personality, and each of them has a history that we the viewers will come to understand, and like any intrigue riddled drama, this one has characters that you aren't sure are actually wholeheartedly good, or just playing good, or just being really good and being bad.

I Watched a few episodes of Koihime Muso when it first began airing, but due to many demands on my fandom at the time, I dropped it in favor of other shows, and later purchased Sentai Filmwork's release January 2011. Sadly, the show went into a plethora of other shows that were on the watch list, and it took me until this January to actually sit down and watch it.

I've been a fan of genderswapped roles for characters for a long time. I like the idea of taking a character and experimenting with seeing how a different gender would perform under the same scenario; so this show was like brain-candy from the first episode. Not to mention that there are enough boobs and panties for even the most refined of pervy-otaku, and a couple of scenes of full-frontal nudity for the sophisticated hot-springs expert.

There are some things that are not for everyone, and for those that have been burnt out on the idea of moe, or gender-swapping, or even The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, then like I said earlier, this may not be for you. But the fact is, I loved this show from almost start to finish. It had a very well rounded conclusive season finale, and i was never brought to fist-shaking frustration.

For those that have the DVD, the bonus OVA is a real treat, and takes the characters from the dynasty era into modern high school, during a competition for the school's new student body president. It was a fantastic book-end to the first season, and it had me busting a gut with laughter almost the whole way through.

If there is any bit of complaining to be had, it certainly isn't due to the show. It's due to Sentai's subtitles, which occasionally omit a small word here or there, or forget to make "it" into a proper "it's" or a "your" into a "you're"... besides that, and the decision to use the original TV masters for the first season (unedited of course), there is nothing really substantially wrong with the release.

I highly recommend this show, to anyone that likes a good adventure series, and lots of humor, mixed with some heart, and a plethora of cute of girls. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to make a decision on which show I'm going to watch next. Either that or just make some flan pudding.