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Anime Artisans: 008 - Tenchi & Friends

Well, it's time once again for some artwork, and since I'm reaching way back into the vault, I thought I would dig up some classic cute anime, and there is nothing more cute or adorable than a sleeping Sasami... of course, the Jurai is still out on whether there is actual underwear under those sheets. I'm gonna just pretend that there are.

As for you non-Sasami fans, I managed to find this cool picture of the Tenchi Gang, and it looks like those girls are at it again, at least this time they can maintain their stage composure...


  1. I remember the band image, cause it always reminded me of OVA 2's OP theme somehow. Never saw the first one.

  2. There are such a large number of toon demonstrates that bring its viewers path back in light of the fact that these shows convey the recollections of the scenes that they imparted to their adolescence mates or kin. To many, kid's shows molded the world in which youngsters grow up.


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