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Bleach Anime Possibly Moving Channels (UPDATE)

Much of what follows in this article is complete and total speculation mind you, but there have been several stern facts across the internet about the fate of Bleach, and its being cancelled on March 27th. Including the fact that Bleach is not on the new schedules.

Since the announcement last week, I've been scouring the internet, the interwebs, and diving into parts unknown for a sliver of hope that one of my favorite franchises wouldn't be taken out behind the shed, and shot. But then, stranger things have happened.

One of the biggest things that has bothered me about this whole thing, is the fact that unlike most other anime, the ending of Bleach would mean that the entire last major arc would be left untouched for the fans to see, and since the last episode will air in little over four weeks, there is no time to fabricate an ending for the anime to everyone's satisfaction.

Some speculation has been circulating that there could be a movie to tell the last arc, or perhaps a series of OVAs, though in all honesty, that could take a long time between releases and availability. And I for one don't feel like waiting even half that long.

A major rumor that has been circulating around has been that Bleach is not being cancelled out right, but that instead, it just switching channels. Due to some major disputes and problems with the show's current network, TV Tokyo, Bleach creators Studio Pierrot is letting the contract run out  — or not renewing it altogether — and the show is being moved to a new time slot (6:30), at new network TV Osaka.

I'm not wanting to breathe any sighs of relief here just yet, but somehow that makes more sense to me, than if the show was cancelled out-right so abruptly. Granted, there could be some way to have this current arc end, and the credits roll, and the show be done, but I am of the opinion that this is the actual news that is happening.

So, if in fact, Bleach is moving networks, then this will be the best thing in the long run. If it isn't, then I will be disappointed, but I guess I'll live.

Now to rub the old salt in the wounds... here are some Ichigo x Rukia pics to fuel your rage, or lust. Hehehe.

EDIT/UPDATE: There's been some more information spinning around that the episode to air after the network switch is to air on April 3, 2012 and is scheduled to be Goodbye to our Xuction. I would like to quote some concrete facts, so be warned that this could still all be a load of garbage, and the show still get's cancelled. So until this gets confirmed by either Shonen Jump, or some advertizements in Japan, I'm not going to go out on a major limb here. But I would like to be credited with being one of the first ones to make the claim about the channel switch when people start handing out awards if the rumors are true.