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Guardians of Luna Manga Licensed by Seven Seas

Some part of me is wondering at what point American made Anime is capable of getting a manga adaptation from Japan, and whether it should even be considered. Though it seems that, that is exactly what the world is coming to.

Earlier Seven Seas announced that they have acquired the new manga Guardians of Luna from Dance in the Vampire Bund author Nozomu Tamaki, and will see its first volume on American shelves in early 2013.

The story of Guardians of Luna is primarily about werewolves, and of course what better person to helm a manga adaptation than Nozomu Tamaki?

Unfortunately, while the manga will differ from the anime, it still unsettles me that this is based on the screenplay for the original animation by American writers Avi Melman, Michael Reaves and Mallory Reaves; and it begs the question.

If an anime is made in any other country other than Japan, is it still an anime?

I'm not thrilled about this, especially since the cover sports the FUNimation name at the header, and I am loath to appreciate any originality from them, let alone knowing that such a good writer is delving into that froth.

I guess we'll wait and see what the outcome is.


  1. I think the world of art as we know it has developed enough to consider any anime, "anime" as long as it follows the Rules and traits of anime itself.


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