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Media Blasters Drops Record of Lodoss War

Once again, the folks at Media Blasters are doing everything they can, to keep from endearing themselves with the anime fanbase. This time, they've made the announcement that they are not going to be following through on their license/acquisition of Record of Lodoss War, and as such will not be releasing it on DVD as planned. 

This announcement comes, almost two years after they picked up the anime from Central Park Media.

In addition, they have abandoned plans to release the Record of Lodoss War movie that was also mentioned as part of the release effort. Fans no doubt will cough this up as just one more reason to dislike Media Blasters as of late, as this will add to the ever growing list of actions, and inaction that the company has exhibited this past year. 

As fans will note, Media Blasters had placed the second set of acclaimed Bakuman on indefinite hold, at the same time they announced the plans to put Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians on hold. When asked about the future releases of Queen's Blade, they replied in the positive, and that they still had plans of putting it out.

I would love to comment on this, but there is so much that is just going wrong with Media Blasters, that I'm not even sure where to start. So I'll just leave those comments up to Sabre, when he comes along and sees this.