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News & Stuff: 002 - Another Live Action, Fate/Zero, One Piece, and Mass Effect

From the Editor in Chief
There are shows that are what I would consider worthy of endless seasons and spin-offs, and revamps, and others that I would consider nothing more than a name to just sell for the flash and the dazzle.

One such title, is of course, the Fate/Stay Night  series of anime shows, and the constant releasing of that horse to the stream.

According to some obscure piece of advertizing, it has been revealed that Fate/Zero Season 2 will begin its broadcast on April 7th, to the thundrous applause of the nerds, and the otaku.

Unfortunately, I feel that the series has ran its course, and should be let out to pasture, before we end up making a mockery of the thing... I'm talking about other shows as well, like Pretty Cure and Shakugan no Shana and let's not forget The Familiar of Zero.

Come one people, I lost interest after season one, of nearly each of those shows, let alone actually want to sit down and watch more of it.

~   ~   ~

Next up on the list is of course, the live action sampler for the new thriller horror film, Another which has a site that features a really annoyingly short teaser for the film.

But that hasn't stopped me from watching it about a billion times already, and wondering if this is going to capture the deep mystery of the anime, and no doubt the book as well. I'm hoping that it does, because, there has been a serious lack of true scary films and thriller come from Japan in a long time, and the ones that do, are more or less, the sort that are cashing in on a fad, or a string of hits that have nothing to do with either the source material, or are more stupid than scary.

The anime Another is not only a slow building mystery that unravels as it progresses, it's a better more circumstantial type of horror film, where I don't know if it's actually ghosts that make the murders, or if it really is just piss poor luck on the character's parts.

One thing is for sure, I'll be keeping a close eye on the East, to make sure I don't miss an import or something.

 ~   ~   ~

So now it seems that not only is One Piece now impossible for me to get away from, it seems that I am cursed to know that it is being used as a tool for Civil Rights lectures in the class-room...

So yeah, it seems that to emphasize better some finer points of civil rights to his students, high school teacher Akitoshi Maekawa, used the character of Chopper to show the dynamics of individual abuse, growth and equality.

I'll admit that it's a novel approach to a complicated subject, and while I'm all for spreading the love of anime and manga further in the world; why in the name of Martin Billany does it have to be One Piece? It's like everything that I hate in this world is what awesome people use to further flash about, and plaster all over everything.

What would have been the problem with using Bleach, or some other anime huh?

Anyway, civil rights wins out on this one, and the fans have more support in their corner, despite the fact that cardboard cut-out villains and heroes are a plenty, and in a perfect world, we wouldn't have to resort to using deer to get a point across.

~   ~   ~

Okay, this last one is part of a rant that has been going on ever since I first saw that damn, trailer for Dragon Age that FUNimation and what ever other company decided to make. It looks like crap, and the fans are revolting... actually the film looks revolting, and the fans are rebelling!

Anyway, we all knew that FUNimation, unconcerned with their reputation, or their mental capacity for right and wrong, have erred on the side of wrong once again, by continuing with their plans to ruin the Mass Effect franchise, and to make sure that they don't go down alone in this fiasco, they've recruited Production IG to go down the flames of hell's highway with them.

Here's the look at the motion logo for the new prequel Mass Effect: Paragon Lost film to be prior to the events in Mass Effect 3 is now in the works... yeah, that title makes me think it's gonna be all about the sex... since that's what you get whenever you gain the "paragon" achievement right?

A total waste as an anime, and I'll be the first to say so. This film should have been live action, it should have been big budget, but now... it's gone niche, and it's probably going to be crap.

[insert applause here] Bravo FUNimation... bravo. You just keep finding new and impressive ways to take a shit on everything I love in life.

Anyway... that's all that I've been able to wrangle up this time... not much going on, and the posting has been really slow going, what with wedding talk and all... so maybe if I'm lucky I can get some articles or something out of Sabre before too much longer.