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News & Stuff: 003 - Squid Girl, iDolm@ster, Digital Manga, and 07-Ghost

From the Editor in Chief
I've been wondering if or when the second season ofShinryaku Ika Musume  was going to get a distribution deal from Media Blasters, and according to some information, the company has confirmed that they do in fact plan on releasing the second season. As to whether or not it is going to have the same terrible translation, or if it is going to have new dialogue better suited for those of us that don't need the squid-puns inserted, remains to be seen.

Either way, it spells more Squid Girl for us North American fans, and that's still win on some small level, even if we cringe at the bad dialogue, and subtitles.

~   ~   ~

As an interesting aside, for those of you that have been keeping up with the Strike Witches film as it began its run in Japan will find, the film managed to end with a "to be continued" title... there was some hub-bub about that, and several questions were asked with regards to more films, or anime, and the unofficial response has been positive. Though the idea is that the franchise could expand out further than just anime, or film.

It has even been suggested that the other fighting units could be open game for the continued saga. Which will make lots of fans really happy, especially yours truly as I've always wanted a peek at the other squads, platoons or what ever they are officially called.

~   ~   ~

One of the first things that people think of when they hear the name, idolm@ster is a popular series of video games, and an equally popular series of anime shows. We only knew it was a matter of time, before the nerds in Japan decided to make the breakout possible, and Bandai Namco has finally revealed a mobile version of the successful franchise.

Of course, for the time being, the mobile version of idolm@ster will only be available for the iOS, meaning Apple mobile, and portable devices. I don't know what kind of special favors Apple did for Bandai Namco, but it must have been pretty intense to be catching this away from the more open and available Android devices.

I'll be sure and shake my fist at those bastards later on, and hope that someone somewhere somehow makes it possible for us Droid users to experience the thrill of coaching an idol team to success.

~   ~   ~

One thing that actually managed to surprise me the other days was the license acquisition of 07-Ghost by non-other than Viz Media.

I know, after having read that article by Sabre, I was ready to run them out of town on a rail, or better yet, subject them to about a year's worth of bad fan-fiction, but in the end, they have bitten the bullet, and managed to take a swing at giving the fans more anime.

I can't tell if this is something that they think will just sell quick to buy them some quick cash, or if this is going to be another case of anime license Russian Roulette; but I do know that as a supporter of anime in America, any license announcement is a good thing, and helps bolster my faith in any form.

It could be that in the end, they will drop it like a hot potato, but that's a rant for another day. No point in making a big deal out of something, until it's time to do so properly.

~   ~   ~

Okay, now those of you that read my articles and reviews on manga know that I'm not the biggest fan of manga, and that when it comes right down to it, I'd probably rather have the anime adaptation that flip through sketch-books. Nevertheless, I am pro-manga, and I support its distribution in the US, even if some of it should probably be burned at the stake for heresy.

So if you've read any of the online anime news sites, you may have come across a small write up about Kindle and Amazon cancelling Digital Manga Publishing's Yaoi/Boy Love manga series which according to the Kindle rules and regulations regarding pornographic content was deemed as inappropriate. Even though the write-up for the rules was about as clear as muddy syrupy water.

A couple of days ago however, Kindle has reinstated the account, and all seems right with the world. Though I have to wonder if this policy is in regard to self published content, or all content that falls under the realms of media entertainment... meaning, if a publisher like Seven Seas were to publish a manga like Dance in the Vampire Bund, would the rules still apply, or is this only for the people that self-publish through Amazon's Kindle program.

It is food for thought, and I for one would be very interested in seeing how this unfolds in the future, and how this is going to fare for the potential of us fans getting some digital manga on this outlet.