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WO Examines: Green (Manga)

It's not very often that I get to sit down and look over a manga series, let alone a new one that is currently being published in Japan. So when I get that chance, I do sort of jump all over that.

One thing about this manga right away, is that it is a yuri manga, meaning "girl-love", and while it is pretty bold in the conversations, the first four chapters are tame as far as the imagery is concerned. So no need to get all bent out of shape just yet.

The story is rather convoluted, even when we begin to get comfortable with the characters, and by the end of chapter 3, there are some rather complicated love triangles going on, and to me those only seem to drive home the back and forth pacing of the story.

I'm not going to say that it;s impossible to keep up with, but there are a lot of instances where the flow of the narrative gets wonky, and it makes for some double passings to get the gist of the scene.

The story primarily focuses on student Tsugumi, who has recently undergone a bad break up with her boyfriend, and almost immediately rebounds by running head long into cool composed fellow student, Shiraishi Megumi. At first the sparks are flying, but only because Shiraishi is something of a jerk, and then later on, you know that old adage about opposites attracting and all that...

I'd rank this one higher on the must read list, if it had better development, and the characters had a little more facial differential. But aside from some character confusion, a tad bit of flashback overlap, and some awkwardly fast romantic development scenarios, this is not a bad read at all.