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Anime Artisans: 012 - Girl "A"

There is a huge chance that there are those fans among you that do not know who this girl is, and if you don't, then I wont hold it against you too badly, since she is the strong hotness from the mid 1980s anime OVA turned movie, turned back into OVA Project A-ko. And of course... her name is A-ko, duh!

If you are one of those fans fortunate to have seen this bit of required viewing from the Golden Age of Anime, then Cheers! High fives! and Mazal tov! and Kudos! Nerds and nerdettes... I salute you.

If you haven't seen this, and have been frightened off due to some complex against aging anime... (why I aughta) ... then boo-hiss.

Anyway... enjoy the nostalgia.


  1. Nothing quite like the lovely Eiko Magami in a swimsuit. The original Project A-Ko is a must see of classic anime.

  2. In the United States they are not as regularly called "toons" themselves, yet rather "funnies" or "funnies". In any case, the makers of funny cartoons and comic books and realistic books are alluded to as "sketch artists". have a peek here


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