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The Day Toonami Returned?

Last night [Adult Swim] was replaced by a block that is all too familiar to older Cartoon Network fans. T.O.M. graced our screens once again in this early April Fool's day switch that gave the fans what they have been clamoring over ever since it's demise- the return of Toonami. Sure, it was only a "prank" by the network, but for that one night fans got to relive the good old days with their favorite shows; Outlaw Star, DBZ, Tenchi Muyo, Big O, Yu Yu Hakusho, Astro Boy and other shows hit airwaves for the first time in several years in this modern rendition of the classic block.

I want to emphasize the fact that this is a one-time broadcast, as T.O.M. confirms at the end of it. But here's the thing; It doesn't have to be. The fact that this even happened shows that somebody at Cartoon Network is still thinking about Toonami. Steve Blum (the voice of T.O.M.) practically challenges the fans to bring the block back by telling the network that they want it.

So if you want to see Toonami become a regular feature on the network again, or at least rear its head from time to time, you need to let Cartoon Network hear your voice. Let Cartoon Network know that you want to see Toonami hit the airwaves again, and let them know that you want more anime to come with it.  I'm even going to give you the link, because I want this to happen as much as anybody else.