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Doraemon DVDs Get A Recall

So you know all those times that you believed that Walt Disney was inserting pornographic innuendo into their films, because nothing that popular or entertaining could be correct?

Well, apparently Walt Disney isn't the only one that has had some scrutiny brought to his films, and shows with regards to sneaking in a little something extra for the viewers.

As a joke... in 1979 no less... the word "condom" (コンドーム) was inserted into a scene of Doraemon as a bit of fun by one of the staff members. And now... what is this, 33 years to be exact... some nerd finally noticed what countless thousands before have never seen, and as a result, the Japanese publisher Shogakukan is recalling the sets, and replacing the disc with a corrected "Condomless" version.

I'm not really bothered by it, I mean, i grew up knowing that Looney Toons was originally intended for adults, and that a lot of their humor was obviously intended for older viewers. But at the same time, I do realize that Doraemon is a little kids show, and that last thing we need, is for those little bastards to figure out what sex is before they find out a year later on their parent's internet. 

So meh, it's a 50/50 thing. Part of me wants to shake my head at the absurdity, and part of me just wants to facepalm.