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Mayo Chiki! Light Novel Series to End

Well, it's been pretty much confirmed that the twelfth volume of the Mayo Chiki! light novel series will be the last. As it happened, a small write-up in the back of the eleventh volume confirmed that it would be ending with the next installment.

I've been a fan of Mayo Chiki since I heard about the anime, since genderbending is funny, and makes for great stories.

I'll be sad to see a good series end, but like all things... right?


  1. It's really sad that such a great story will end so soon. :( Hopefully volumes 5-12 will be used for a second season of the Mayo Chiki anime. I heard there were plans for a second season a while ago, but the people in Japanese Media thought the show wasn't popular enough. Let's keep our fingers crossed though.


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