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News & Stuff: 004 - Zetman, Oreimo and More

From the Editor In Chief
Sorry for all the long absences from posting here recently, but I was out of state for a wedding, and there is only so many chances one gets to surf the web while participating in a wedding. But I'll try to get you guys some news here, and make a few traditionally snarky comments while I'm at it.

The first bit of news was something that I know a good buddy of mine will be all over, which is of course that anime and manga distributor Viz Media will be streaming the anime adaptation of Masakazu Katsura's manga Zetman as it airs in Japan, which was scheduled to begin airing April 2nd.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with who the hell Katsura is, then all you have to do is take a casual browse through the romantic comedy section, and pick up an issue of I"s or Video Girl Ai for that matter and get a glimpse at some of the other types of manga that he has created.

This one has been on the mouths of fans for a while now, and from what I understand, has been going for the better part of a decade.

Next up is the apparent green light for a second season of Oreimo or My Sister Can't be This Cute. It was announced at Anime Contents Expo by the cast of the series, while there for a stage event.

I'm not all that impressed with the idea of a second season, as I was coughing up a lung at all the various endings of the first, and face-palming whenever another one was aired. It made for gimmicky broadcasting, and it irritated me to no end. The fans that palm stroked all over the show loved it, but I was annoyed.

Maybe we can get something a little more level headed this second time around.

So I've saved the best — hopefully — for last, in this News & Stuff post.

So we were all present and accounted for on April 1st, when Cartoon Network kicked the Adult Swim block to the curb and revived the now dead and archaic Toonami anime block as part of their "April Fool's" event. Which only spurred on the nerds to foam at the mouth at being able to see their favorite anime injecting provider on the screen again.

Now, there has been a huge amount of fan-gasming and gushing, and squirting, and creaming, and in the end the question that has been on everyone's mind is, "Are they looking into bringing back Toonami?"

The answer is... maybe.

A day ago, Steve Blum posted this concerning all the re-interest in Toonami, and around the same time, Adult Swim asked on its Twitter if the fans were interested in seeing Toonami brought back.

I'm sure you don't have to guess the responses.

I'm not saying that they will come back, or that they won't. I for one am all for more anime getting into the hands of the fans... though sadly I am one of the few fans that didn't get the privilege of seeing my first runs of anime on Toonami. I Didn't have access to the cable channel Cartoon Network, and so my anime fandom evolved completely in a different direction, with more work, and more trial and error.

I have mixed feelings about Toonami as a fan, but as a supporter, I will waive the banner, and pray fervently with the rest of you that Cartoon Network brings back this resource for the fandom, and helps spread the gospel of anime to the uninitiated.