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Sentai Licenses Queen's Blade Rebellion

So, I guess by now everyone that camps out religiously on the anime news sites has heard that Queen's Blade: Rebellion has been licensed by North American anime distributor, Sentai Filmworks. 

What I want to know is... Why the hell should I care?

Oh, right. I forgot. 

I should care because this isn't the show we are supposed to want them to get, right? Or is it, that their money would be better spent on something else that we all unilaterally approve of. 

How about this. Let's all figure out a way to blame Media Blasters for this, and somehow bring up Bakuman again, because the more we complain, the more Sentai will want to license rescue a show that has little to no appeal to the atypical anime fan; that would rather watch as lusty girls show more and more skin.

I face-palm hard here folks. 

Will Sentai give this a dub? Well, I can only hope so... since that would give everyone something else to bitch about. Maybe if we're really really lucky, we can drag Viz into this, or FUNimation. 

Yeah, that's it... let's blame FUNi for Sentai getting this, over that. 

Anyway. Enjoy the show, and make sure you have lots of butter on your popcorn. This feels like the start of a killer Summer.