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Anime Artisans: 013 - Lupin III

I've been on a Lupin III kick recently, and I thought that I'd share some of that on the blog. There's something oddly satisfying about seeing Lupin and his partner in crime Jigen hanging out, with priceless works of art hanging on the wall of an unkempt room. The only thing that would make it seem more complete would be a frenzied Zenigata peeking through the window, attempting to close in on his ultimate catch.

If you've managed to get this far into the fandom without hearing about or watching Lupin, then you'd better turn off the ecchi and watch one of the classics. If you really can't go that long without thinking about moe schoolgirls or an overabundance of pantyshots, then at the very least watch it for Fujiko, who always finds ways to appear nude.

So what're you waiting for, go catch up on the latest escapades of the Master Thief! There's more than enough Lupin to last you a while, and more is coming out with the new series on TV and the new Discotek Lupin III Season 1.


  1. Priceless artwork on the walls and Jigen smoking like a chimney, which doesn't do much for the value of said art. *lol*


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