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Toonami Returns!

Well, those of you that have been bummed by the lack of anime on TV are about to be a little less bummed. Adult Swim announced via twitter that the late-night anime block will be returning to TV starting this month. On the 26th, Toonami will replace the current 12 am to 6 am Saturday night block with traditional Toonami programming, as well as some new programming.

It's great to see that the fans have been heard and Toonami is making its return. Sure, it'll be great to see some of the classics on TV once again, but I'm excited about something entirely different. With Toonami on TV, does this mean that we may get to see more NEW stuff on TV? Shows like Fairy Tail, One Piece, Shin Chan, and Sgt. Frog fare a much better chance of being completely dubbed to the end if they are on TV, attracting new viewers and selling extra DVDs. Shows like Soul Eater are perfect for Adult Swim, and will be excellent for drawing in new fans.

So let's hope that Toonami survives for at least a few years, and brings in hundreds of new anime fans!


  1. The only real drawback about this slot, is the time. As an older fan of anime, that maintains a 40+ hour a week daytime job, staying up all night(even on the weekends) to catch some anime is pretty much out of my range... so in the long run, short of getting a DVR or something, I'd be out of the loop as usual.

    I have mixed feelings about a return of Toonami, and while I am all for getting more awareness to the fans, I feel a growing unease about it all, that I just can't quite put my finger on.

  2. I too am unnerved by the lateness of the slot. I mean, it's even hard for me to stay up past midnight anymore, and I would assume it's becoming difficult for those that grew up with Toonami as well. I guess we'll just have to see how many of the people that pledged their undying support to the block will actually tune in every Saturday night.

    As for your unease about the situation, I don't exactly share that with you. I can't foresee any possible negative outcomes. Even if it flops, we didn't really lose anything that we haven't lost before, so we'd just be back at the status quo. The only thing that I'm nervous about is whether or not they will actively seek out new content (like One Piece and Fairy Tail), or if they will be mostly content with the "classics".

  3. Well I'm hoping it proves successful enough that they could be prompted to start Toonami earlier in the night at some point. Adult Swim starts at 9pm (eastern time) So its a 3 hour wait before the anime portion of the schedule starts. I'm sure all those random reruns of their usual fare could stand to take the night off once a week.


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