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WO Reviews: Outlanders

Outlanders "Remastered"
Well, being on this classic anime kick has had me digging in the vaults for some of that vintage stock, and Outlanders was one of the titles that popped out.

It's been more than twenty years since this anime OVA first saw the light of day, based on the manga series by Johji Manabe, and that saw eight volumes.

The hard truth is that sometimes OVAs make good on the premise of a manga series, and sometimes, they just don't. Sadly, the OVA in this instance merely skimmed the surface of what the manga was all about, and while a lot of the quote-un-quote gist was kept intact, there was a lot of the plot left to be desired.

Not that it really mattered back in 1986, since it was solely focused on showcasing the sexy Princess Kahm, and giving the readers a look at what a motion visual version of their favorite series would be like.

The premise of Outlanders is quite simple... A photojournalist named Tetsuya, happens to find himself in the middle of an alien invasion snapping shots of an alien woman taking names and kicking ass, and when confronted by the horned beauty, lets his lower half get the better of him.

Well, this is all that is apparently needed to seal some sort of interest for the Extraterrestrial Bombshell, and soon poor Tetsuya finds himself whisked away aboard her organic ship, and engaged to who he learns is, Princess Kahm, the daughter of a warmongering Emperor bent on cleansing all the humans from the Holy Planet.

Decidedly against her father's plans of mass eradication, Kahm rationalizes that if she marries Tetsuya, then her father will spare the human race, and things go from rapidly wrong to warp-speed worse, as Kahm and Tetsuya do everything they can to evade fate, and seal the deal with a little "ooh la-la".

The series is very reminiscent of shows like Urusei Yatsura and perhaps a little bit of Carpricorn, in that it has a pretty rediculous happenstance encounter for the two interested parties, and while there is no denying Princess Kahm's sex appeal, the show's fast pace—running at just under an hour—makes for some really fast work on Tetsuya's part.

There are two dubbed versions of this show; one produced in L.A., and the other by Central Park Media.

I watched the second one, since I'm a sucker for Sean Shemmel. Who despite sounding exactly like Goku from Dragon Ball did a really good job as the less than heroic Tetsuya.

Of particular interest is the online voter poll that was initiated by CPM to let the fans vote on which VAs they wanted cast as the characters of the show. In fact, there is a seven minute behind the scenes on the DVD about that.

All in all, Outlanders was not a disappointment, even though it is twenty-five years old; and while I wouldn't call it a masterpiece by any long shot, I would certainly give it a reluctant Four Stars for sustainability, and managing to make a naked hottie still look amazing after all this time.