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Neon Alley To Launch

So exactly what the hell is it?

To answer that, we have to turn to our friends at Viz and get the low down, and in a recent interview with those guys at ANN, Viz is all manner of giddy and excited about this new service that they are involved in to launch new anime to the masses.

What Neon Alley is, besides being a creepy name for anime provision, is a subscription based doo-dad that will be offered in North America, and Canada(eh) via console delivery... what?

I guess what this means is that game consoles are about to get a new app, which will be this thing that not only offers anime, in English no less, but 24 hours, and with limited commercials, and new premieres... in fact Viz is grinning like idiots over the fact that the English release of shows like Bunny & Tiger, Inuyasha: The Final Act, and Zetman, will be debuting, and that it will also be showing films like the new Berserk movie, and more.

The subscription does come without its cost though, according to Viz, the new service will be $6.99 a month, and while that's pretty cheap for a dedicated anime channel, I have to ask the question if this is exclusively Viz media, or other anime as well?

If it's the former, then I'm wondering how the heck they even have enough anime to run around the clock.

Guess we'll find out eventually. No exact date on when this is going to hit, but I'd keep your eyes open, and your wallets.