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News & Stuff 006: Bakuman, Yuru Yuri 2

From the Editor in Chief
Yeah, yeah... it's been a long time since I've made an update, and who can blame me when there isn't much news worthy to actually post about these days in the anime industry, and what there is isn't all that good.

Except today, I was going through the nets looking for juicy stuff and found this bit about Bakuman and Media Blasters.

So according to some information that surfaced on Robert's Anime Cornerstore, Media Blasters has cancelled their blu-ray of Bakuman set one... as if that's really all that much of a surprise, considering that they had already cancelled the second half of the series, and left the fans holding the bag, and their wallets.

I'm not really sure what sort of retarded breakfast cereal they've been eating in the mornings, but they need to switch to something with more bran, and less idiocracy.

In other interesting news, Yuru Yuri is apparently getting a second season, and I have to wonder what sort of rock I've been sleeping under for the past few weeks. But anyway, not only that, but the folks at Crunchyroll are going to be streaming it, and that spells awesome for the rest of us, especially since it was one of my favorite shows, and is a nice substitute for the absence in my soul after the advent of Lucky Star.

Now I'm not saying that this is the cure all, end-all of slice of life anime shows since, but it is a hilarious and riotous romp of yuri fun and excitement.

Yuru Yuri - Season 2 will be premiering July 2.