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Dragon Ball Roundup: Movies and More

I thought that Dragon Ball Kai was the evidence that the Dragon Ball franchise doesn't print money anymore, but apparently TOEI animation wants that to change. A new Dragon Ball movie was announced in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, which brings the total number of movies up to an impressive 18. No details are known about the movie yet, but I'm sure that new info will be on the horizon. The new film could be a self contained story that introduces a new Villain or revisits an old one (not Broly, please dear Kami, not Broly), or an after-story continuation like "Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return". Personally, I hope that this new movie is the impetus that we need to a few of the newer unlicensed Dragon Ball specials dubbed and released in the US. 

In smaller news: A few days ago, it was announced that Dragon Ball would be jumping on the HD bundle bandwagon with the release of Dragon Ball Z Budokai and Budokai 3 in HD on the PS3. Why isn't Budokai 2 involved? I have no idea, but it's disappointing, as Budokai 2 was one of my most played entries in the series. I'll be picking the game up because I don't have the first Budokai game, but I'm not happy about the exclusion of a great game. 


  1. wow this is great news! i'll be looking forward for this. the last Dragon Ball Z i got is from here:


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