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Sailor Moon 2.0

So it's finally happened, the day we've all been dreaming about. The day they announced a new Sailor Moon anime. Not a film, and not an OVA, but an honest to God anime series!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise, it was conveniently slipped that the manga was going to get another anime treatment, and already the rumor-mills and the speculation is going into overdrive.

Already fans are hustling the show to the monster FUNimation, in the hopes that it can get gobbled up in their repertoire of half-assed titles and over used VAs... but hey if that's what the masses want, then I hope they don't bitch too much if they drop it after 48 episodes and then whore up over the license for years. Hahaha.

Anyway, this is still good news, and while all this is scheduled to go down next year, there is no definite date.


  1. Yay.
    Best thing to happen to magical girl anime since madoka magika

  2. YEA! This was my all-time favorite anime when I was a kid! :)


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