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WO Examines: Mayo Chiki

I found this review floating around in a folder on my laptop, and since it's been forever and a day since my last review or post, I figured that this was the "rainy day" I had been saving it for.


There are genderbent shows, and then there is Mayo Chiki!

It's not what some of you probably think, and it's certainly not lacking in what you would expect either. It's filled to the brim with likable characters, funny scenarios and enough pervishness to satisfy even the most discerning of pantsutans.

What makes Mayo Chiki! stand out from the crowd, and separate it from the plethora of ecchi titles, is of course the role reversal of the genderbending.

For once, we have a girl as a boy, and the circumstances surrounding the plot are quite unique, to say the least.

Mayo Chiki! is a show that revolves around a boy named KinjirĊ Sakamachi, who suffers from an emotional affliction which causes his nose to bleed when ever he comes into direct contact with a girl; and a girl named Subaru Konoe, who must disguise herself as a boy in order to fulfill her life long goal of serving as the personal butler of her master.

When Kinjiro learns of her secret—which if revealed, will nullify the agreement of her service—Subaru and Kinjiro find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of working to help each other, and the innuendos about their boy love relationship hits the fan. Despite the fact, that it's as straight as an arrow.

To further complicate things, multiple interests for Subaru, lead to hilarity as both sexes at the school manage to compete for the show's spotlight, and concoct mishap after mishap.

Though it's painfully obvious to the viewer that this show is a romance from the get go, it's exciting to watch the wheels of fate play out in this most unusual affair. Kinjiro and Subaru are an odd couple that are perfect together on screen, and make for an enjoyable heavy-handed romantic comedy that satisfies on almost every level.

Certainly this is one of those shows, that will leave you with some blushing on your cheeks, and not sit too well if viewed in mixed company; and while it is clearly not for all fans, and not for all tastes, it manages to keep those that are interested, hooked from episode to episode.

If there was a few drawbacks, it would be in the animation, which has some noticeable flaws here and there, but unless you were doing a frame by frame pass through, you really won't notice much.

The uncut version does differ greatly from the censored television broadcast version which of course, makes use of additional objects and light refraction to distort the more mature scenes and imagery from the sensitive viewers, but when taken into context, the uncensored version isn't anything we probably weren't prepared for, when we sat down to see this anyway.

I'd recommend this only to those who like more than a little dose of pervishness to their anime latte, and hold my hand up in protest to those that don't. But if you are like me, and you can stomach a lot of panties, bare asses, nipples, and sexual scenarios, then you'll work past that and get to a very good show that has some real human issues under the surface.

Not the cure-all end-all of genderbent titles, but this one comes very close to being the best of the past few years.

I wish there was more I could say, but the truth be told, I'm writing this on the run, and sadly don't have time to sit down and get into the deep places of the show. And I don't want to accidentally spoil something for you.

Four out of Five stars.