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Arina Tanemura's New Manga

Well, it's not as if the fans of shojo manga are unfamiliar with her name, but for those of you that are still trying to figure this one out, Arina Tanemura is a mangaka that specializes in two things: making manga for girls, and filling her pages with everything but the kitchen sink.

Granted, I've not read a lot of her stuff, I do have several series on my shelves, and while I'm not overly thrilled about a new series, I'm sure there are a lot of her fans that will be.

The new series, I speak of is Jitsuroku! Fudanjuku Monogatari and is sort of a tribute series, and all boy version of the group Nakano Fujo Sisters. I'm not sure exactly why this is such a cool thing, but hell, if genderbending goes one way, it has to be able to go the other... right?

Anyway, for those that are interested, you can probably catch this September 5th in the Shueisha's Margaret shōjo magazine.