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Soul Eater Not!

Okay, so it's obviously NOT what you are expecting, and really, it's everything you are probably expecting.

That's vague huh?

Anyway for the fans of popular manga series Soul Eater there is now another entry in the universe of the DWMA, in the form of a comedy prequel/spin-off, called Soul Eater Not!!

The story takes place before the events of the Soul Eater manga, but focus on different characters, with a few appearances from some of your favorites from time to time.

Unlike the actual Soul Eater manga that follows these events, there is not much in the way of action, as this manga is geared around the academy, and the student life there.

I'm actually just getting into this, so I don't have a whole lot to talk about at the moment, but seeing as how, I want to get into the Soul Eater anime soon, it may be worth my while to get some entertaining build-up prior to that series.

I'm sure that if you are a fan of Soul Eater, and you haven't heard of this series, then you need to be slapped a few times. With a banana... I'm just saying.