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Aya Kanno's Otomen Coming to an End

Still haven't gotten any of my planned reviews done, but here's a news tidbit for you guys to chew on.

The shojo manga Otomen has been confirmed by the original author, Aya Kanno (via Twitter), to be ending it's six year run in November. The manga tells the story of Asuka Masamune, who is a true man's man on the outside but a lover of very feminine things on the inside, and his relationship with Ryo Miyakozuka, a girl who can't cook or sew to save her life but likes manly men, and Asuka's attempts to keep his true self hidden from her.

While it's not quite a 'must read' shojo title like Fruits Basket or Ouran High School Host Club, Otomen is still an enjoyable enough read from what I got to experience, so it's a little sad to see it ending, but all series have to end some time. It's better for it to call it quits at a good place too rather than run on endlessly, and while I can't say for certain as I'm really behind on this title, after running for six years, this manga's probably at that time.

Otomen is released by Viz in the United States, and the first 13 of 16 (so far) volumes are currently available.


  1. what happen at the end?

  2. Sorry for the super late reply - I actually don't know what happens at the end of Otomen, I'm waaaaayyy behind on this one, having only read the first two or three volumes.


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