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Bandai Entertainment Ends

It's not only official, we now have a date.

According to a few sources, namely ANN and RACS, Bandai Entertainment is no longer going to accept any new orders as of November 15, and will make its final shipment on November 30.

According to information in a letter to Robert Brown (RACS), Bandai is "discontinuing its home video publishing and distribution business effective March 1, 2013."

So while it's sad that this is happening, it's not as if we haven't been expecting this for the better part of two years now.

I remember thinking that when they did their stint of Subbed only titles, that Bandai was starting on its downward spiral, and sure enough, it's about to crash.

The saddest thing now, is that fans are going to try to cash in on their demise by over-inflating the price of their discontinued stock, which will do nothing for either the titles, the economy or the industry.

I'm relatively glad that I have almost all the Bandai anime titles that I want.