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Nakaimo (My Little Sister Is Among Them) - 13th Ep

Well, this just in a few days after I write up a small review-ish sort of thing on it, but anyway... apparently the thirteenth episode of My Little Sister Is Among Them is going to be packed and bundled with a volume of the manga after the show has ended its broadcast... which means—I guess—that the final episode isn't going to be the final episode after all, and that like Oreimo they are going to go with an additional ending or better ending...

All I know is that Oreimo had me wanting to punch someone for all those false ends. I sure hope to hell we don't have to endure that this time around with this show.

But then, I'm liking this show way more than I did Oreimo and that's all that really matters. So I could stand another twenty episodes, as long as it means more panties and boobs... er... um. Yeah.


  1. When will the next show come out or is it out and tell me what web site it is OK and please tell me more shows that are like this one was cool


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