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News & Stuff - 09/21/12

Well, there isn't that much in the way of news today, but I still wanted to make mention of a few things that might not be deserving of a full on post.

Well, A-1 Pictures is going to be releasing a new anime October 2nd, called From The New World" based on the suspense novel by YĆ«suke Kishi, and it's to be headed up by Masashi Ishihama (Read or Die), and takes place in the future... the far future, where people have telekinesis and stuff, and... I'm not sure why exactly it's going to be pimp, but because A-1 Pictures is making it, then it's got to be good. Well, I think so anyway, as they haven't let me down in the past several anime they've produced.

You can check out the 30 second promo for it below.

Another anime that is getting the promo treatment, is the shojo anime Say I Love You, and is looking like it might shape up to be a pretty interesting show.

Basically, it's the story of a 16 year old girl that hasn't had a boyfriend, or even a friend for that matter, and then one day accidentally injures the schools most popular boy, which makes the boy take notice of her, and begin a singular friendship with her.

I'm not sure how this is going to pan out, but skittish girls, popular boys, and high school drama could make for some good viewing.

The 90 second promo/OP song is below.