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The Big 100k!

Magic Girls Assemble!
100,000 HITS!

It's been a long time in coming, but Western Otaku has finally reached its one hundred-thousandth hit early this morning, and were it not for this head-cold, I'd be doing cart-wheels around my house.

I can only say, thank you, thank you, thank you! It's because of the readers, the subscribers, and the followers that we been able to take our love of anime, manga, and almost all things J-Pop to the internet, and make waves in that vast sea of information, entertainment, and craziness.

In the two years we've been up and running, we've tried our hardest to maintain the philosophy of the American Otaku, and present our information, rants, reviews in an unashamed approach, to entertain, educate, and exacerbate our fellow fans.

It is our goal to continue to bring you more of this stuff, and as long as there are fans out there willing to read it, and make some comments, we'll keep shoveling it out.

From everyone here at WO, we thank you.


  1. Congrats. ^_^

    BTW, are you using the new Blogger UI?

  2. Congrats on getting 100,000 visits. I started checking this blog out a couple of months and they're always entertaining to read. Keep up the excellent work.


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