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7 Deadly Sins Gets Green Light

The last time I saw characters from a show about the seven deadly sins, I was bombarded with imagery of the damned. I'm referring to Umineko of course. But these ladies look to be a little more like what we are thinking the sins should look like.

Then again, when I think of sins, I can't help but recall the homunculus from Fullmetal Alchemist and how non-conformist they were in regard to their sin names.

Anyway, enough babble; Hobby Japan has announced that Orchard Seed's 7 Deadly Sins is getting the anime treatment, and that it has in fact been green lit, so there should be no worry of promises not kept. I think.

According to the folks at Hobby Japan, the new series is not going to be an adult only game. So that means that despite these demon-girls looking so voluptuous and alluring, they are intended for everyone, instead of select few pervs.

You can check out the official site here: Hobby Japan / 7 Sins


  1. Como se llama la cancion del trailer??????'

  2. did they give a date for the airing of its anime series???

  3. I recently made an updated post about this since I noticed so many people were searching for it.

    This has been suspended. There is an anime called "7 Deadly Sins" which is unfortunately not related to this series.

    1. Yup i know and this make us confused -_- and now they change the title to 7 sin :3 hope this anime come at 2017


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