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Food Time Japan

Ah! There's nothing like a kick in the crotch, when it comes to my cheese flavored Doritoes™ brand chips. I mean, if this doesn't make me want to jump on a boat and sail on over to the land of the rising sun and score a bag, I don't know what will.

But then, I guess our snacks don't really need to make sense.

But I do have to wonder, if we as American Otaku only really like somethings because they come from Japan. I mean, seriously... would we really like Pocky or Ramune if we didn't see it in an anime, or know that it came from our favorite land?

Pocky is just a sweet animal cracker cookie stick with chocolate frosting. And Ramune is fruit soda. Not really all that great when you think about it, but hot damn, it's from Japan, and that makes it what... better?

I'm looking at this bag of Doritoes, and you know what... I bet if I ordered me a case of these nut busters, they'd taste just like any plain old bag of Doritoes I could find in the grocery aisle at Wal-Mart.

Let's take this Chicken Nugget meal from a typical McDonald's in Japan.  Now I'm sure the chicken is the same pasty fried chicken glop that we would get from any average Micky D's here; but because this meal comes from Japan, has anime style characters slathered all over it, and is served by a smiley Japanese person, we just had a moment in our boxers (or panties if you're a girl), because it's got to be better.

Now, I'm not saying that there isn't more variety for somethings in Japan. In fact they have a knack for wanting those huge selling flavors of the month, and moving on; whereas we here in the States like to have a flavor we all like, and that lasts forever.

So chances are, we aren't going to be finding any Cuttlefish flavored snacks, or Green Tea Kit-Kat candy, chances are, as a collective whole, we probably aren't missing all that much.

Nevertheless, because this stuff isn't so commonplace to us, is most likely the reason we are all so attracted to it. Guess it was meant to be.


  1. I remember coming across that Doritos bag researching Japanese wrestling for some anime, where one of the characters did that groin move to another character (can't remember which anime off the top of my head though).

  2. Tokyo Disney Kit Kats aren't too strange. The strange is that, like Pocky, Kit Kats in Japan aren't just chocolate flavored. I found stores with Kit Kats that were supposed to taste like cherries, edamame, green tea, wasabi, chili, strawberries, and different types of chocolate (dark, semi-sweet, white, etc).


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