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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyobi gets Anime Adaptation

So some interesting news that has been spreading all over the internet pretty quick, is that the light novels from, Kimihito Irie, are getting the anime treatement. And this is always good news.

I'd much rather watch an anime based off of a light novel series, rather than a manga series. much less whining and complaining from the community, when filler shows up.

The story of ... you know, I'm just gonna forgo the lengthy Japanese name, and go with the translated name... Sunday Without God, is about a world where God is gone, and the people are neither born nor die. One girl is called a "gravekeeper", and is either tasked with, or takes it upon herself to kill off the people whose time has come, and just wont pass on...

Kind of like waiting on a grandparent to fork over that inheritance... they just keep hanging on and on!

Yeah, sure.

The premise seems interesting, and I'm down for some anime in the vein of Ballad of a Shinigami, so maybe this one will be pretty cool. Who knows...

There is no other info about it; so it could be released in the next year, or later, or not at all, if the deal turns sour. So keep your fingers crossed.