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WO First Look: Magi ~ The Labyrinth of Magic

There are almost too many new shows to keep up with this season, and while I'm doing everything I can to at least give each of them a first look, some of them (a lot of them) are going to be on my viewing list. Of course, this means potentially placing a lot of my regular shows on hold, you know those ones on DVD that are constantly being held back in favor of newer awesome of the moment shows?

Okay, so enough about my back-logged anime crisis; I'm so sure you are all interested in hearing about that.

What I do want to talk about is the new show, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic; a show that just started airing in Japan, and one that I've been almost beside myself in sheer fan-gasmic anticipation, and with good reason.

It's the new show from A-1 Pictures, and it's quite literally awe-inspiring from the opening frame, to the closing credits.

Magi, is a show about Aladdin (no not the Disney Aladdin), and while it doesn't follow the actual plot-line of the original story, it manages to put a fascinating and amazing new story to this masterpiece adventure.

By now, those of you that are interested in the series may have read the synopsis of it from a few places, and while the summaries do a good job of conveying the basic outline of the show, it's a far cry from what you'll actually see when you sit down to give this a spin.

Taking place in Arabia, the setting and location made me instantly think of the landscape and arid country in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, and even the build-up of the characters, the fledgling adventure set-up and the premise, dive deep into what is sure to be a hugely rich and rewarding journey.

This adventure of 1000 Arabian Nights follows young boy Aladdin, as he is out on a journey to find Djinn Vessels, which are magical items that possess within them the Djinn spirits, or as you may have guessed, Genies.

On his journey, and right at the beginning of the first episode, he encounters Alibaba; a merchant and the two find themselves quickly in trouble, thanks in part to Aladdin's naivete at the world around him, and the adventure quickly begins.

No muss, no fuss... this is a straight-up beautiful piece of story-telling that is engrossing and leaves you wanting to see episode two before you even finish seeing the first one.

Aladdin, in his boyish wonder and simple pure-hearted sense of right and wrong is reminiscent of such characters as, Kid Goku, and Torhu Honda; and while there are some definite moments of absolute hilarity, like FMA, the show manages to not allow itself to get bogged down by its own slap-stick.

There is more I'd like to say, and more I'd like to potentially spoil you on, but if adventure, magic, and a far off Arabian quest is your thing, then you will not be disappointed by this first installment of what I consider to the the superior show this new Fall season.

I plan on writing a comprehensive review once it's concluded, provided I can restrain myself from coming back to this before then.

Until then, I highly highly recommend this, and look forward to hearing some feedback in the comment section, if you have any thoughts on this breathtaking new series.