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Wolf Children Find Home At FUNimation

So according to the latest buzz, the new film from director Mamoru Hosoda,Wolf Children Ame and Yuki has been licensed by North American anime distributor, FUNimation entertainment.

The news was announced at a panel, during the New York ComiCon, marking the second film from Hosoda that the anime conglomerate has secured. Granted, they did a hell of a job with the dub and the casting for Hosoda's previous film, Summer Wars, but the announcement has me a little uneasy.

FUNimation entertainment has a notorious habit of putting great effort into properties that they know will sell well, and have lots of acclaim, but with a near sleeper hit like Wolf Children, it has me worried that if the film were to not succeed here in the States, if FUNi would give it a sub-par dub, or wait for three years to get it a release.

While the film is hugely popular internationally, its 51 Million since its opening in July, isn't a convincing argument.

Guess we'll wait and see what becomes of it, once the FUNi Dream Team get their talents behind it.

Anyway, here's a look at one of the many trailers for the film that are circulating around. I'm looking forward to this one.