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Anime Artisans: Sleeping

In celebration of the fact that I spend less time sleeping than I do working and blogging and gaming, and whatever else manages to fill up my day, I thought I would post about it.

Being a natural born insomniac, I often find myself dog-tired, and still staying up to finish an anime, or a game, or even in the most recent case; the last five episodes of The Walking Dead - Season 2.

I'm sure there are other fellow otaku out there that are just as bothered by sleeping, or lack thereof, and to all you that would rather game till dawn, or cram a whole twenty-six episode series in a single night, I dedicate these pictures to you... especially after the insomnia has worn off, and we konk out in a nice repose.


Sword Art Online


  1. So I assume the bottom pic is from "The IDOLM@STER," since that is what the caption says. Then the one above it is from "Sword Art Online" and above that is a pic from "InuYasha." Is the first pic from "Pedobear's Collection" because all it shows is what seems to be a sleeping underage girl and the caption is "Enjoy!"?

  2. LOL... I actually have no idea what that one is from despite looking earnestly for its source. It was yoinked from Safebooru, and was only used as an example photo for the post. The "Enjoy" was for the photos after the break.

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