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Aniplex Delays Garden of Sinners

Well, it seems that Aniplex of America has delayed their release of Garden of Sinners to an uncertain date, no doubt to the chagrin of the fans, and where it not for the fact that the complete box set is slated at a less than modest price of $185.00 the company has still not learned to get better control of their prices.

I don't want to go on a tirade here or anything, but this is getting ridiculous if you ask me. How is any company expected to stay in business if they keep jacking up their prices like this? Instead of catering to a select few high-brow nerds, the company would do better to make their initial releases of the product a little more cost conscious to the consumers.

I know that I do spend a lot of money on anime, but I am also NOT made of money, and neither are the fans for that matter. They may have some, but not enough to rush right out and spend nearly two hundred dollars for a box set of anime. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that Aniplex had lost their freaking minds.

I may have to dedicate some time to this in a rant article later, but now is not the time.


  1. Makes one wonder what happened to the days of releasing this kind of box set following a singles release of the series, huh? I'm all for specialty box sets or collections being available for a property so that the hardcore fans can get the special matching DVD covers, a cool artbox, cool inserts, or other packaged gifts and goodies included with the show. With that, I still want the option of just buying series itself. Whether that is at a DVD at a time or in half season sets, it lets me still buy the series, even if I'm not a big enough fan to require the collector's artbook or the limited edition keepsakes that a specialty season set might include.

    Maybe Aniplex feels that fans of the series will buy the seasons regardless and hopes to rope a few extra sort-of-fans into the same sets by making it the only option. Maybe they believe that sort-of-fans aren't going to buy DVDs/Blu-rays anyway due to accessability of episodes on the internet and feel their only option is to milk the good fans for all their worth. Either way, it is a slap in the face to the fan community and forsakes more casual customers. I can only hope that Aniplex decides later on to sell the series in a format that is more friendly to casual fans of the show, like through smaller (AKA stripped down) disc sets or possibly episode downloads.

    My last thought is (sadly) that Aniplex has little to no faith in the series being compelling enough for people to buy the whole series unless they are forced into it. It could be that the company believes casual fans might drop it after one or two DVDs, looking to cut their losses before they are too invested into the show. I understand that the designing, packaging, shipping, and marketing of singles and sets are a cost that won't be recouped if the series is abandoned by fans midway through, but that begs the question as to why Aniplex licensed this property to begin with if it wasn't thought to be strong enough to get sales.


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