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Detective Conan Movie 17: Private Eye in the Distant Sea

Well, it's finally been revealed that the new Detective Conan movie for next year is going to be, Movie 17 - The Private Eye in the Distant Sea and already I'm looking forward to it. Granted I haven't had a chance to watch this year's movie, for which I'll have to remedy that very soon.

The movie is set on a state-of-the art Aegis vessel with the full cooperation of Japan's Ministry of Defense and Maritime Self-Defense Force. The heroine Ran is put in jeopardy, and Conan is forced to stand up against a dangerous criminal.

~ AnimeNewsNetwork
If you aren't giddy for this, then you aren't much of a Conan fan, though I'm just hoping that they can figure out a way to put Haibara on the ship, or else this trip for me will be all about Ran x Conan...