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WO: On Election Day

It's time after four years for the American people, and especially the American Otaku to make their way into the voting booths and cast a vote for their Presidential candidate.

I don't usually use the site here as a focus on political things, and for the most part, few people on the internet are even aware of my political affiliations. But when people ask me which party I am for, I give them a straight answer, and I stick to my beliefs, despite the near inexhaustible argumentative nature of others.

Now, this election has been a unique one, in the sense that most of the newer young people that have finally hit that age where they can vote are doing so, and are dragging their technological social applied networks with them.

In an age where every tiny nuance of the world is commented on with Twitter and Facebook, we've gained a huge amount of global awareness, and in the process learned how to be obstinately opinionated on damn near everything, from gas prices, to last weeks orange juice ads at the local market.

The one thing that hasn't changed, despite all this social awareness, and powerful commentary from the masses, is the amount of knowledge and true wisdom that has settled into the brains of the tweeters and Facebook junkies. The young people are still commenting on things they don't have a clue on, getting into debates on topics with only a single semester's worth of class room understanding, and taking part in world changing events with half an ounce of conviction, and a gallon of hype.

American Otaku are no different.

Just because you are a nerd of the highest order, is no reason to pander to the masses of ignorance, and to follow along with what's trending right now. The real issues that are being decided on in this election are some of the fiercest I've seen in more than sixteen years, and the outcome of this election will bring with it a future four years of America where we will either see greater freedom for the people, or greater control from the people we've hired.

Granted, it's easy to spout political party nonsense, and I'll forgive a lot of you younger voters for being just plain stupid, and not truly understanding the bigger picture. But the time for selfishness is over. You have to dig past the tweets, past the hash tags, and past the trending videos on YouTube. Otherwise, you yourselves will be the ones that will have fucked us all in the end.

I'd rather the people NOT vote, than do so with only a smattering of understanding of the facts surrounding the political issues we as Americans face.

I don't see anyone in this election as white, or black, or any such ethnicity. To me, you are all Americans, and if you are fans of this site, and anime, you are all American Otaku. I don't vote for a person because they have the novelty of being black, or because they have a master's degree in business management, or because they represent an aspect of this country.

I vote because I want the whole country to benefit from the leadership of the person I want in office. I vote because I want the right person making laws for me, and slapping my hand, when I disobey them, and punishing crime, and overseeing the structure of this country that has taken two hundred years to get here.

I don't talk shit about my country. Because if it's shit, we've made it that way. You and me, and the person beside you. You would have to be a loser of the highest caliber to call this country shit, and look to some other place as being better, if you don't have the guts to stand up and make a small effort to clean it up.

So I'm going to challenge you... today. If you are an eligible voter, and you haven't voted; then please... for the love of God, do some research, and find a reason to vote today. Look past race, and ethnicity, look past popularity, and controversy. Look at the country, and at your family, and friends, and ask which person you would trust to protect them, and care for them, and make decisions that will affect them long into the future.

Do your civic duty, and vote. Otherwise the wrong person may win, and who can you blame then?

In the meantime, here's some American inspired anime art for you to look at and relax with.


  1. Definitely prefer a thoughtful vote. While voting is a right, it's one I like people to value and use in a way that makes them proud of their vote.

  2. Being an older otaku I have a certain amount of cynicism that just comes with being over 40 these days. But I agree with you that voting is a necessary right. Cynicism or no, I always tell people, if you don't exercise your right to vote, then you might as well give up your privilege to bitch about your circumstances. And I agree, to quote you: "If (our country) is shit, we've made it that way. Our politicians have forgotten that they work for us and we hired them. I think most of us have forgotten that too. Maybe we should remind them.

  3. The notion that voting for a politician into office under the guise that they "work for us" doesn't cut it any more. There is no guarantee that the next politician that gets voted into office will do so in the interests of the people. People need to work collectively to run this country properly, not dump the weight of all responsibility into a single person under the guise of "democracy". We need a revolution of democracy.


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