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Mangirl! Anime for 2013

So, I'm not exactly sure if this is pronounced, MAN-Girl, or Mon-girl, but regardless, Mangirl! is a new anime about a group of girls that want to make the best manga magazine ever. It's a tad ambitious, but then in the world of anime, what isn't?

The new show, which has some big name staff members behind it, a-la, Kashimashi, K-On, Shin Koihime Muso, Toradora! and Maria Holic Alive, are just a few.

While the premise seems sort of blase, the series could prove to be possible ten on the kawaii factor. So I'll be giving this one a look-see.


  1. It seems quiet interesting. I had seen Genshiken so i think this could be interesting. Nice post bro


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