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Media Blasters Drops the Ball ... Again

So I was poking around for some news, and came across something that just makes me shake my head sadly. Yet again, it seems as if Media Blasters is proving their incompetence at maintaining their promises of delivering their anime titles when they say they will, and have issued a list of which titles are being delayed, and or out-right cancelled.

According to several places around the internet, the list of titles is quite large, and in some cases the shows that are being delayed or dropped is enough to have the fans up in arms with pitchforks and torches.

Here's the titles getting delayed, and their new release times.

  • Shamanic Princess: April 2013
  • Ai no Kusabi: April 2013
  • The Space Between: April 2013

Live-action films
  • Bio-Slime: February 2013
  • Darnell Dawkins: Mouth Guitar Legend: February 2013
  • Lady Ninja: February 2013
  • Reflections of Darkness: February 2013
  • The Possession in Japan: March 2013

Possibly Cancelled Releases

  • Fushigi Yugi OVA Collection
  • Kite on Blu-ray
  • Squid Girl, Part 3 (Season 2)
  • Gaogaigar Complete Collection

Live Action
  • Unaware
  • Tokyo Vengeance
  • Ring of Curse
  • Fresh Meat Six Pack
  • Dracula vs. Frankenstein

The worst thing about all of this, is the fact that I and a few people I know are looking forward to several of these titles, and as for myself, I guess Squid Girl - Season 2 will be buried under the rug; assuming these are in fact cancelled.

Maybe the day will come that we will see all of Media Blasters cancelled... just flat cancelled. And by that time, I'll be one of the last ones to say, "Good riddance!"