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Nekomonogatari and Samurai Girls Season 2

According to some buzz that has been going around, Samurai Girls is finally getting its sequel. Though I was split fifty-fifty on whether it warranted one in the first place, seeing as how much of the main plot was resolved in the first season, even if it was only more or less tied up in the last couple of episodes.

The new season, which is to be called, Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Bride...

Well, that sort of sounds like a bit of a spoiler, doesn't it?

No worries though, I'll watch it anyway, because I'm refined like that.

Another bit of excitement, which has my sack all quivery and shit, is the release date for Nekomonogatari the end of the month. December 31st to be exact... unless they've changed something.

Anyway, I liked Bakemonogatari, and I loved Nisemonogatari, so I'm all but foaming at the mouth over another installment.

So now that I've posted some stuff, I've got to go grab me some lunch, and ponder the unquantifiable aspects of the Otaku Continuum, or just douse myself down with some Sumomomo Momomo... either way the results are the same.