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Pre-Doomsday, xxxHolic, Arata and more

Well, this holiday season certainly has been a busy one. I'd love to get into all that I've been doing, but that would probably bore you, and just sound like an endless string of excuses for not posting.

But, aside from all that, there has been some cool things that have come up in the world of anime news and such, and after combing over the nets, I found some interesting things that just beg to be mentioned.

Before we get into all that though, I have to say, that since tomorrow is the dreaded doomsday, that it's been nice knowing you all, and hopefully you've done more productive things with your remaining few days or hours on earth. Unlike me, who has spent every waking moment watching old movies on Bluray, and writing fan-fiction, while harassing my friends with annoying text messages.

If you don't know how to spend your last day on earth, then might I recommend a nice cup of coffee, and smooth cigarette. It's not like it'll really matter about the lung cancer thing now, right? So get your coffee, and smoke, and go find a book about something you've never heard of before, and read it. Learn something new about the universe, before it ironically decides to wipe you from it's memory, like a bad stain on a new jacket.

If you absolutely insist on spending your final moments doing something nerdish and otaku oriented, then might I suggest finding the worst anime in your collection, and watching it. make yourself really aggravated and annoyed, and down-right hostile. Then turn and focus that rage on the impending apocalypse. Let that world-ending comet, or volcano, or mysterious as-yet un-heard-of world killer know that you are very upset, and then give it a piece of your mind; remembering to use big nerdy words and phrases, like "By the power of Grayskull", and "Honey Badger".

If however, you're lackadaisical or too carefree to care about tomorrow's end, then you can just do the usual, and watch anime, read manga, or check out this stuff below in the link.

~   ~   ~

Crunchyroll it seems is not bothered by the fact the world will or will not end tomorrow, and has added their app to the XBox. Yes, yet another app to the pot, that will have me updating my console again, just to have that little do-dad on there.

I'm not against Crunchyroll, nor am I really for them. I have used their phone and tablet app in the past to watch some Naruto Super Deformed, but that's about it. I'm usually conflicted over the excessive amount of same ads over and over again, and try to steer clear of apps that only serve to junk up my console and gaming experience.

but don't let that bother you, if you have a subscription, then get the app, watch the shows, and live free and blissful until the end of your days. Which just may be tomorrow.

~   ~   ~

If new anime is more your thing, and you can't wait to see something awesome announced, then here's a little video sneak preview of the new anime based off of the Arata: The Legend manga which will be airing sometime after the first of the year... again, assuming we all live long enough to see it.

Having read a few of the manga volumes here in America, I really liked the idea and the characters of the story, and this one looks to definitely appeal to the Shonen audience. Lots of fighting and near misses, and harrowing escapes.

~   ~   ~

On another anime related note, the anime xxxHolic is getting the live action treatment, which may or may not spell certain doom for the franchise, as it's been my experience that 80% of the adapted live action movies or TV shows or Specials based on an anime or manga are really sub-par and totally lacking. 

Of course the xxxHolic live action series will only run us about four episodes, and it's scheduled until next February. So we at least have some time to mentally prepare ourselves before we get accosted by hammy acting, and terrible dialogue, and in our case here in the U.S., even crappier fan-subs of the already crappy dialogue. 

Brace yourselves my fellow otaku, this live action show may just usher in the apocalypse after all. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have about sixty things on my bucket list that need doing, and somehow I have to fit in Arctic Sea Diving, and forming my Harem into the next twelve and a half hours.


  1. I don't think the world ended ^.^ Yay!


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