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Travis Willingham: Friend or Foe?

I want you to take a long close look at the picture here of voice actor, Travis Willingham. I want you to notice the perfect three day stubble, the thick brown hair, and the eyes of a man that can see the inside parts of a woman's soul that you will never know.

I want you to look and behold the most despicable man that I know of, and will most likely never actually know.

A man, whose very name is capable of sending me into crazed fury, and a man that will haunt me for the rest of my life, and most likely into the beyond.

Now you as a fan of Travis Willingham are no doubt wondering; why all the Willingham hatred, right?

Well the answer is a complicated one, and it goes back for several years in my fandom. Though in all honesty, it goes back to just a few years ago when I met my fiance, and I discovered a dark and hidden secret that I never knew would grow into the cancerous festering malice that I now hold for one man.

Unlike most Otaku, or anime nerds, I've managed to do the n…

FMA:B OVA Collection in May

You wanted it, and you got it! FUNimation Entertainment announced that May 22, 2012 the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OVA Collection will be available on DVD/BD combo pack, and not a moment too soon to be honest.

I have already seen the OVAs and I loved every moment of them, they make a great bookend to the series, and they give some real depth to the characters featured in them.

Unlike the OVA collection for the first series, this one isn't going to be a 30 minute DVD with some slapped together crap, and one actual OVA... this is the real deal.

Funimation, I cease fire for now. You did something right.

WO Examines: Another

Every season there are several shows that for one reason or another, simply do not make the cut, and hard as I try to keep up with numerous shows, it's just impossible to make time in my work week, or other anime viewing to follow along after more than three or four running shows per season, and considering the selection of really good shows this time around, the competition was going to be fierce for my beloved time slots.
When I started hearing about this show some time back I was eager and expectant, as well as a bit apprehensive. I mean, I like a good supernatural thriller, but there were lines that I wasn't sure that I as a fan of the horror genre wanted to cross anymore in my fandom. Shows like Higurashi and Claymore, and even Shiki were some of the shows that left a real taste of blood in my mouth, and not in a really good and entertaining way either.
But there has always been things about a good mystery thriller that has drawn me in, and one of the things that I hoped…

Bleach Anime Coming to a Close

In a hot piece of news today, it was announced that the Bleach anime series will be concluding its run on TV. The final episode is set to air on March 27, and its timeslot will be filled by an anime adaptation of the Naruto spinoff "Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth".

It was no secret that Bleach was losing its time slot to Rock Lee, but the complete cancellation of the series is quite shocking. Bleach has been slowly declining in popularity, and apparently has been eclipsed in rankings by the newer shonen series Toriko, but this cancellation makes me wonder if it was doing worse than I had originally imagined. After all, the manga itself was set to enter final story arc soon, so the anime adaptation would not have been too far behind.

The idea that Bleach may never receive a properly animated ending is frustrating as a fan, but there is a bit of hope. For a series as massive as Bleach, it's entirely possible that we may see the resurrection of the series with the canc…

News and Stuff: 001 - Apps, Twilight, Arrietty and Magica

Okay, so I'm gonna try to make some summaries of a few things that I came across this morning while looking for something interesting to post about, and there are a couple of things that don't deserve to have a whole post made about them, but they do probably deserve to have a mention, so I'm creating this News and Stuff section to lump sum some of the bits and pieces of things that I think you might want to know about.
First up, is the new FUNimation App that I've been hearing about, and while I know this isn't anything new for those of us that have a smartphone, or a tablet, this is just one more way that the folks at FUNi are milking their property a little more at a time.
I'm sure we are all familiar with the Crunchyroll app by now; and if you aren't then maybe you should read more of the internet. But like me, that has portable devices, mobile apps, and all that nice cool stuff, I am one of those people that fins it really bothersome to try and watch…

Sentai Licenses K-On!! (Season 2) and OVA

Oh now I know that you are all excited about this, and to be honest, so am I.

I figured that with the recent death of Bandai, that the future of any more K-On in North America was more or less bye-bye, but that is not the case.

Sentai Filmworks has announced that they have acquired the license for the complete second season, and the OVA.

What's even better than that, is that we will finally be getting a blu-ray release as well, and to put that proverbial cherry on top; Sentai is working with Bang Zoom on the dub.

So yeah, with any luck, you guys will get your cake—assuming that Yui doesn't eat it—and you'll have your frosting.
The complete set is scheduled for later this year, no date given just yet.

WO Reviews: Sengoku Basara Season 1

Sengoku Basara had been collecting dust on my shelf for over a year, and had been one of my least favorite purchases. Why did I buy a show based off of a fighting series that I have never played, or never had any intention of playing? With the release of Season 2, I decided to set aside the biases that I had developed, and actually give the show a watch. To say the least, I was quite surprised.
 Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings is a period anime based in the Sengoku period of Japanese history; a chaotic time in Japanese history during which power struggles dominated the country. The basic premise of the show reflects the chaotic nature of the time, as warlords battle over control of Japan, and against the “Devil King” Oda Nobunaga. As Nobunaga attempts to unify Japan underneath his rule, other warriors take up arms against him. Two of the warriors develop an intense rivalry that must deal with while trying to take the Devil King's head.

Anime Artisans: 007 - Divergence Girls

To celebrate the fact that I am currently watching Divergence Eve I figured I'd spin the Anime Artisan corner to my favor for a bit. Not that I don't do that every time anyway, cause I can, and you can't stop me. 
Anyway, enjoy a look back at a time when Loli wasn't an anime element, and the pervy fans wanted to see actual boobs! imagine that!

WO Reviews: Koihime Muso

No one ever said that saving the world with moe characters and cuteness were going to be easy. And for those of you that are uninterested in a frilly adorable moe version of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, then you should pass this on by. But for those of you that want a reinterpretation of the classic tale, then step right up, and meet your beautiful dynasty warriors!

First of all, the anime adaption of Koihime Muso is very different from its original visual novel foundations, and though each form uses the same characters, their story and adventures branch off greatly when seen separately.

The Anime though is what I want to talk about, and though I'm sure there are many fans of the more adult oriented visual novel, the anime seems to hit a better vein of entertainment for pushing humor and adventure in a style that is reminiscent of the older anime shows we cut our otaku teeth on.

One of the best things to remember about Koihime Muso early on, is that it is simply a show abou…

Happy Valentine's Day: 2012

To all of you that are with your special someone, or are giving chocolates or love to another, then I'd like to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day, on behalf of the folks here at Western Otaku.

Love You Lani! - D

Strike Witches Movie: Official Trailer

More goodness comes our way as we finally get to see some film footage for the new Strike Witches Movie that is scheduled to air this March 17th.
The rumor mill, and the fan-gossip columns are working overtime to generate their buzz on the new character Shizuka Hattori in the upcoming motion picture.

I myself am wondering how if and when we North American fans will get our hands on this, and whether or not the folks at FUNimation will scramble up a greasy wall to dry-hump the license (and then not do anything with it for about two or three years), and make an announcement.

My experience, is typically that, if a license were in the works for this film, it would have been jumped at already... so this one may be either a late catch, or not at all.

Anyway, to see the trailer, just click the thingy below.

Merch Alert: Fullmetal Alchemist Revoltechs

Here's a peek at the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist figures from the Revoltech line, due to hit shelves sometime in March. The duo is looking quite good, especially compared to the previous attempts at Fullmetal Alchemist figures.

Keep an eye out over the next few months, as we hope to be able to review both of these revoltechs.

Negima Manga To End

Well, it's official. The never-ending manga from Ken Akamatsu is finally ending, and according to a report by ANN, the Weekly Shonen Magazine announced that the manga series was coming to a close after just three more chapters.

Akamatsu is reported to be taking a two issue hiatus to prepare for the final chapters so the series will resume in the 13th issue, and conclude after that.

I for one am ready to do cartwheels upon hearing this news. I think aside from Oda, Akamatsu is the only other mangaka that has all but lost his mind with taking his own franchise to the moon and back. I agree it breaks all sorts of molds and manages to present a lot of content, but the ending result of Negima, is nothing like what it started out as, and the series has gone so long, with so many turns and twists, and arcs that last massively long periods of time, I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it.

I give Akamatsu credit for being able to give a harem comedy such a last-ability, but I remove some o…

Bleach Manga in Last Arc

The years tenth issue of Weekly Shonen Jump announced that the popular hit manga Bleach by Tite Kubo was about to enter its final arc, which means that the fans and readers will finally have a glimpse of that long awaited ending that they have so been craving for after more than 10 years.

I for one, am still struggling to catch up on the anime and the manga, and from the looks of it, ten years worth of material is gonna take a bit of doing.

I can only hope that it's an ending the fans are going to enjoy, and one that wont have them screaming too much in frustration, 'cause, I'd hate to have to make fun of you all in an article later on.


More Delays from FUNi

Well, boy and girls, and strange creatures from the otaku land of crazy... sorry I've been AFK for so long, I've been trying to get some personal life stuff taken care of.

Anyway... you probably aren't interested in any of that, so I'll just get to the bit of interesting stuff I caught wind of this morning.

Apparently, in addition to having poor foresight at the Dragon Ball Z franchise, and what with all the cancellations, FUNimation has announced more delays for their anime.

Fairy Tail Part 4 and Heaven's Lost Property have been pushed back on their release dates, and are expected to be released March 20 (Fairy Tail), and April 17 (Heaven's Lost Property).

Guess they are gonna blame this one on the fans too.

Well, we'll just wait and see. As troubling a times as this year has began with, I really don't see it getting much worse... unless everyone in Japan suddenly pulls their licenses from the American Douchery.