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Anime Artisans: 012 - Girl "A"

There is a huge chance that there are those fans among you that do not know who this girl is, and if you don't, then I wont hold it against you too badly, since she is the strong hotness from the mid 1980s anime OVA turned movie, turned back into OVA Project A-ko. And of course... her name is A-ko, duh!

If you are one of those fans fortunate to have seen this bit of required viewing from the Golden Age of Anime, then Cheers! High fives! and Mazal tov! and Kudos! Nerds and nerdettes... I salute you.

If you haven't seen this, and have been frightened off due to some complex against aging anime... (why I aughta) ... then boo-hiss.

Anyway... enjoy the nostalgia.

WO Reviews: Shin Chan Season 3

Fans rejoiced last year when Funimation decided to give Shin Chan a final chance at success after a two year rest in the license graveyard. But does the show hold up after such a long period of apparent death?

In a word, the answer to that question would probably be "Decently". The first episode is pretty good at showing exactly how the rest of the season will play out. It starts out on a high note with some typical Shin-humor, but quickly begins to fluctuate between the familiar humor and vulgarity.

I'll step back a bit and give some perspective on the show and it's situation. Shin Chan is an episodic comedy series that focuses on the escapades of Shin Nohara, his friends, and his family. Shin himself is a crass 5 year-old child that lives life the way that he wants to. There's no plot or advancing timeline in Shin Chan, it's entirely a vehicle for comedy. Domestically, the show is only available dubbed, and was airing on Adult Swim up until a few years ago…

Mayo Chiki! Light Novel Series to End

Well, it's been pretty much confirmed that the twelfth volume of the Mayo Chiki! light novel series will be the last. As it happened, a small write-up in the back of the eleventh volume confirmed that it would be ending with the next installment.

I've been a fan of Mayo Chiki since I heard about the anime, since genderbending is funny, and makes for great stories.

I'll be sad to see a good series end, but like all things... right?

50,000 Hits and Counting!

Oh my gosh! I was planning on making a post about this earlier this morning, but with all the hub-bub of topics and things going on, it totally slipped my mind. Shame on me.
I cannot believe that the site has already had fifty thousand hits in the short time that we have been active, and better still, is all the positive praise that Western Otaku seems to keep getting. I am truly astounded at the views, the comments, and the support. 
This site is for all of you fans of anime, and manga, and Japanese J-Pop; and most importantly, for all you American Otaku, that while living here in the States, your hearts are in the East.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every one of you that has made this the web-site that it has become. And I hope that I and my team can continue to bring you Otaku Social Commentary on the events and happenings of our favorite industry.
To celebrate the event, I thought it would be fit to get Arale-chan to head up this post for us.
From everyon…

Doraemon DVDs Get A Recall

So you know all those times that you believed that Walt Disney was inserting pornographic innuendo into their films, because nothing that popular or entertaining could be correct?
Well, apparently Walt Disney isn't the only one that has had some scrutiny brought to his films, and shows with regards to sneaking in a little something extra for the viewers.
As a joke... in 1979 no less... the word "condom" (コンドーム) was inserted into a scene of Doraemon as a bit of fun by one of the staff members. And now... what is this, 33 years to be exact... some nerd finally noticed what countless thousands before have never seen, and as a result, the Japanese publisher Shogakukan is recalling the sets, and replacing the disc with a corrected "Condomless" version.
I'm not really bothered by it, I mean, i grew up knowing that Looney Toons was originally intended for adults, and that a lot of their humor was obviously intended for older viewers. But at the same time, I do re…

James Cameron's Battle Angel Still in Works

Despite the long periods of time that it is going to take between productions of Avatar 2 & 3, director James Cameron is still firmly determined to see that Battle Angel Alita becomes a film reality.

Cameron has confirmed that Battle Angel will be directed after the next two Avatar films, so that they franchise can continue its vein; and then move on to the "kick ass" that is going to be the Battle Angel project.

Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog

You can check out part of the MTV interview with Director James Cameron, and see it for yourselves. And yes, I am stoked out of my mind about my favorite director making a manga based film. This is truly a great day for the industry.

AMV: Goku vs Frieza DUBSTEP

Here's the funniest thing I've seen done with Dragon Ball Z... I love the slaps synced with the beats.

New Items Sale: Anime & Manga

We've got some new anime merch for sale here... and wouldn't you know it... it's all good.

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Sentai Licenses Queen's Blade Rebellion

So, I guess by now everyone that camps out religiously on the anime news sites has heard that Queen's Blade: Rebellion has been licensed by North American anime distributor, Sentai Filmworks. 
What I want to know is... Why the hell should I care?
Oh, right. I forgot. 
I should care because this isn't the show we are supposed to want them to get, right? Or is it, that their money would be better spent on something else that we all unilaterally approve of. 
How about this. Let's all figure out a way to blame Media Blasters for this, and somehow bring up Bakuman again, because the more we complain, the more Sentai will want to license rescue a show that has little to no appeal to the atypical anime fan; that would rather watch as lusty girls show more and more skin.
I face-palm hard here folks. 
Will Sentai give this a dub? Well, I can only hope so... since that would give everyone something else to bitch about. Maybe if we're really really lucky, we can drag Viz into th…

New Conan Game for DS/PSP

Okay folks, you know you all want this, and I know that as soon as a European version gets made(assuming one gets made), you will be, like, all over this.

But yeah, here's a peek at the new Detective Conan: Prelude from the Past game, that is being released in Japan on April 19th.

WO Examines: Waiting in the Summer

It's really not your typical romantic comedy, or at least, that's what I was lead to believe when I uncovered this anime a few weeks ago, and started watching it.

In fact, most of what I thought going into this anime, was more than a little obscured by the premise.

Okay, where to start?

Kaito Kirishima is an amateur filmmaker that just so happens to film an interesting event that causes him to seemingly die. Though upon waking the next morning, everything seems fine, and he is back in his house.

Things take an interesting turn when red-head girl Ichika transfers into his school the following day, and he and his friends decide to make a movie as part of their summer project. The snag is that Ichika is talked into starring in the film, and the delicate balance of friendship, and unspoken attractions takes a nose-dive.

With Kaito's attentions placed solely on the new girl, and his friend Kanna longing for Kaito, and his friend Tetsuro harboring hidden attraction and feeling…

Otaku Merch: Infinite Stratos, Cat Planet Beauties, and MORE!

Well, this is the part where after several months of working on the site, I get to make some ads, and ask all you Otaku fans that frequent this site to make some purchases from the Amazon store that we've got. Not only will this help us pay the costs of running the site, it will also ensure the growth of the anime community. So for your pleasure, I've hand picked some of the more popular titles available right now in the community, and listed some of them here.

Don't forget that you can also browse the Western Otaku Store by clicking the link at the top of the page.

From left to right, there are sure some great titles that have been released recently, and of those that I myself want in my collection are Infinite Stratos, FMA:B Movie, and Motto to Love Ru.

Dream Eater Merry is already in my collection, as are the last two Dragon Ball Z movie Collections, though sadly, they are stuck in an infinite queue that could take a while to get to.

And of course, who can forget abou…

Anime Artisans: 011 - Blue Steel Washu

Yet another blast from the past here. Probably one of the oldest Tenchi Muyo related pictures I've ever seen. Also one of the oddest. If you know even just the bare minimum about Tenchi, then you know exactly what is 'wrong' with this...

Anime Artisans: 010 - Sailor Moon Wedding

Another blast from the past, on this one... but seeing as how it's been two weeks since I myself have gotten married, I figured it was proper to post an anime wedding themed pic. Never mind the fact that it just so happens to be another Sailor Moon picture.

Aniplex America Licenses Bakemonogatari

So, exactly how long has it been since Bakemonogatari has aired?

About three years, as a matter of fact. And to be honest, there was a whole crap ton of speculation during that time which company was going to license the show, and make an American distribution of it.

I'm not really complaining, I'm just saying that it's been on the pick-up list for a long time now, and it seems that most fans have already passed it by looking to the horizon at other newer titles out there.

Nevertheless, Aniplex of America has licensed the series, and plans to release it in some fashion, whether that's all digital or for DVD or whatever. There is no word if this includes a dub, or if this is going to be a subbed only release, and despite the good news that it is being released, this is really no better than it was before.

With no word on much, other than the acquisition, this is pretty much the same as ever, and we could now be facing a long wait on the actual street date, assuming tha…

Koushi Rikudou Begins New Manga

Okay, I'm sure most of you are completely unfamiliar with just who Koushi Rikudou is, so I'll spare you the eighteen hour marathon of listening to Bing Crosby on 1.5x speed.

Koushi Rikudou is the mastermind, or clinically disturbed mind (whichever the case may be) of the gag manga Excel Saga and lo-and-behold, he has come forth once again with yet another comic that is absurdist, and in that same vein.

The new comic, Kimi to Batsu is scheduled to see its first chapter in the Shonengahosha's Young King Ours magazine on April 28th.

So get out your waders and your rain-coat... I have a feeling that with all the stuff that Rikudou might be cramming into this one, we will get a hell of a bang for our buck.

News & Stuff: 004 - Zetman, Oreimo and More

Sorry for all the long absences from posting here recently, but I was out of state for a wedding, and there is only so many chances one gets to surf the web while participating in a wedding. But I'll try to get you guys some news here, and make a few traditionally snarky comments while I'm at it.

The first bit of news was something that I know a good buddy of mine will be all over, which is of course that anime and manga distributor Viz Media will be streaming the anime adaptation of Masakazu Katsura's manga Zetman as it airs in Japan, which was scheduled to begin airing April 2nd.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with who the hell Katsura is, then all you have to do is take a casual browse through the romantic comedy section, and pick up an issue of I"s or Video Girl Ai for that matter and get a glimpse at some of the other types of manga that he has created.

This one has been on the mouths of fans for a while now, and from what I understand, has been going for…

Discotek Licenses Love Com/Lovely Complex

Here's some news for you shojo fans.

Yesterday on their Facebook page, Discotek announced that they had acquired and were going to release the anime adaptation of Aya Nakahara's manga, Love*Com and will be releasing the anime series in its entirety in a complete 24 episode box-set.

Unfortunately, the set will be released subbed only, but I suppose that isn't going to be a problem for the fans of the series.

No word as of yet when the set will hit the street, but I'll keep digging, just to make sure, I haven't over-looked something.

The Day Toonami Returned?

Last night [Adult Swim] was replaced by a block that is all too familiar to older Cartoon Network fans. T.O.M. graced our screens once again in this early April Fool's day switch that gave the fans what they have been clamoring over ever since it's demise- the return of Toonami. Sure, it was only a "prank" by the network, but for that one night fans got to relive the good old days with their favorite shows; Outlaw Star, DBZ, Tenchi Muyo, Big O, Yu Yu Hakusho, Astro Boy and other shows hit airwaves for the first time in several years in this modern rendition of the classic block.

I want to emphasize the fact that this is a one-time broadcast, as T.O.M. confirms at the end of it. But here's the thing; It doesn't have to be. The fact that this even happened shows that somebody at Cartoon Network is still thinking about Toonami. Steve Blum (the voice of T.O.M.) practically challenges the fans to bring the block back by telling the network that they want it.

So i…