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Finally Back From The Beyond!

First of all, I want to say, that rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, and probably instigated by someone at ANN... okay, I'm joking about that; but seriously, I have been away from the keyboard here for too long. And for that you have my heart felt gomenosai.

The holidays were a huge cluster-frak of excitement, travel, adventure, and sickness. A relapse of the Thanksgiving flu turned into another bout for New Years, and afterward all I could focus on was stomping out some fan-fiction, and monitoring that. So yeah, there hasn't been much I've done anime or manga-wise in almost two months; except maybe finish off Sword Art Online: which was awesome by the way.

I still cannot believe the crap that show has been getting, I swear it's like one giant internet conspiracy about it. Enough so, that it's made it so I don't really want to read the light novels. Maybe I'll ban them, maybe I'll have to get them, take them out behind my house and burn them like I did the Evagelion films. Hmm... that doesn't sound half bad really.

Anyway, for all you faithful followers, I just want to say; thanks for the constant reads, and the returns, and the loyalty. I maintain this blog for all of you.